CODI: Advanced EV characterization made simple

In this app note, we discuss how ONI's analysis and sharing platform, CODI, can be used to generate deep insights into EV single molecule data

CODI EV App Note Overview


To assist EV researchers, ONI has developed a novel analysis software called CODI, hosting a wide range of advanced image analysis tools designed to aid the study of EVs and address the challenges associated with their characterization, for:

  • multi-factor characterization that enables users to count thousands of EVs from a single super-resolution image

  • assess their morphology with 20 nm resolution

  • visualize multiple biomarkers with single-molecule sensitivity.

To discover more about how super-resolution microscopy can be used in EV research, visit our EV imaging series articles and EV hub.

Download our 'CODI: Advanced EV characterization made simple' app note here