Dissecting neuronal synapses and

receptors using SMLM

The detection and quantification of changes in synaptic structure or neurotransmitter receptor distribution require the analysis of nanoscale features. ONI’s imaging platform is a versatile solution to characterize neurons and assess synaptic protein morphology. These are important in understanding fundamental brain processes, and for drug development to improve neurological or neuropsychiatric diseases.

The ONI Discovery KitTM: dSTORM in Cells, together with the Nanoimager microscope enables: 

  • Characterization of neuron morphology
  • Visualization of synaptic structures with 20 nm resolution
  • Quantification of synaptic nanoscale differences using multicolor dSTORM
  • Study and quantification of protein receptor distribution
  • Better understanding of neurophysiology and development of novel neuropsychiatric drug  

In this Application note, we examined key players in neuronal synapses, such as Bassoon (core synaptic zone component), Homer1 (excitatory postsynaptic density scaffolding protein) and the neurotransmitter receptor GluR1, found on postsynaptic sites. These were labeled using the Discovery Kit: dSTORM in Cells and imaged with dSTORM on the Nanoimager. Data analysis was performed using ONI's CODI cloud-based analysis platform.

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Download the 'Dissecting neuronal synapses and receptors using SMLM' PDF here