Webinar "Microscopy Masters - Investigating Immunomodulatory Antibodies for Cancer Therapy"

Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer treatment. Immunomodulatory antibodies that target important regulators of the immune system, such as TNFRs (tumour necrosis factor receptors), are attractive as therapeutics but understanding their mechanism of activation is key to devising optimal therapeutic interventions. 

In this Microscopy Masters webinar Dr Sonya James, Specialist Microscopy Technician from the Centre for Cancer Immunology at the University of Southampton, discusses the work that they have been doing investigating TNFR-targeting antibodies; using super-resolution to examine how differential agonism and affinity affect receptor clustering which is a prerequisite for activation and how this can be used to inform strategies for cancer treatment. 


To discover more about the super-resolution microscopy and how our Nanoimager can be used, visit our ONIversity.

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