Reporting lymphocyte surface protein abundance with dSTORM: T cell exhaustion markers

The Nanoimager, in combination with the ONI Discovery Kit™ for dSTORM in Cells, is able to report the density and nanoscale organization of surface proteins on T cells and other lymphocytes. This allows the profiling of cellular status, such as exhausted phenotypes, with increased sensitivity over alternative methods. 

The ONI Discovery KitTM: dSTORM in Cells, together with the Nanoimager microscope enables: 

  • Detection of ultra low-density surface antigen
  • Quantification of protein densities at the lymphocyte surface
  • Visualization of surface protein organization with 20 nm resolution
  • Characterization of protein cluster features
  • Reporting of cellular phenotypes through surface profiling

In this Application note, we measured the abundance of two inhibitory receptors (PD1 and LAG3) on the surface of primary human T cells using dSTORM. These were labeled using the Discovery Kit: dSTORM in Cells. dSTORM data analysis was performed using ONI's CODI cloud-based analysis platform.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 14.58.28

Download the 'Reporting lymphocyte surface protein abundance with dSTORM' PDF here