Webinar "Tips & Tricks - Extracting Meaningful Data from Super-resolution Images"

Super-resolution microscopy results in beautiful high-resolution images of biological structures or processes. Highly informative quantitative data can also be extracted from such datasets, including single molecule behavior or protein cluster information, which often enable the detection of changes otherwise imperceptible to the eye. This step is crucial to making the most of super-resolution imaging, but can also be the hardest for some researchers.

This Tips & Tricks webinar aims to provide insights into the type of information that one can extract from super-resolution images. ONI’s Software Engineer Dr. Marcus Fantham and Applications Product Manager Dr. Corey Butler talk about their experience with quantitative single-molecule imaging, and show examples in different applications. The session includes a live demonstration using some of the latest features released in ONI’s CODI software with data acquired using the Nanoimager. 


To discover more about the super-resolution microscopy and how our Nanoimager can be used, visit our ONIversity.

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