Webinar "Tips & Tricks - Using Single-molecule Imaging to Accelerate Life Science Research"

Most people think of super-resolution microscopy techniques, such as single-molecule localization microscopy (SMLM), as the best way to obtain really nice high-resolution images of their biological structure. And that is correct! However, there is a lot more information that super-resolution can provide and that can help transform your research. For instance, understanding the binding kinetics of a protein to its receptor, quantifying molecular changes in diseased conditions, or better understanding the mechanism of action.

During this Tips & Tricks webinar, ONI’s Dr Pradeep Kumar shares his experience on how super-resolution microscopy can transform research in different areas of study and dive into some key applications, such as cell phenotyping, EV-mediated drug delivery, and protein-protein interactions. He will highlight the power of quantitative imaging data on both fixed and live samples, and how ONI’s CODI software can facilitate the study of spatial protein organization, clustering, and mobility at the molecular level for both a diagnostic and treatment perspective.

Find out how ONI’s technology can help unlock key discoveries in fundamental and applied biology.

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To discover more about the super-resolution microscopy and how our Nanoimager can be used, visit our ONIversity.

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