Using single-molecule imaging for EV uptake

Investigating Extracellular Vesicle (EV) uptake enhances our understanding of the fundamental processes underlying intercellular communication and opens avenues for deciphering the remarkable role of EVs in cellular physiology and pathology. 

The ONI Discovery KitTM: dSTORM in cells together with the Nanoimager microscope enables: 

  • Specific labeling of cellular proteins in various cell types for dSTORM imaging with 20 nm resolution 
  • Tracking of EV uptake in live cells over time, and imaging post-fixation 
  • Study the interplay between EVs and their recipient cells with high precision 
  • Quantification of EV populations, EV size, biomarker positivity and marker colocalization. 
  • Better understanding of endocytic and EV uptake pathways in physiology and pathology  

In this Application note, we examined EV uptake in live cells, and determined their colocalization with lysosomal-associated membrane protein 1 (LAMP-1). LAMP-1 was labeled using the Discovery Kit: dSTORM in cells and imaged with dSTORM on the Nanoimager.

App note image EV uptake in live cells

Download the 'Using single-molecule imaging for EV uptake' PDF here